Faris Al-Sultan - Ironman World Champion Allgäu Triathlon

After 12 years I’ve been back to the Allgäu Triathlon, the course is still tough, the Alpsee cold and the cows brown.

Other than that Hannes, Blaschke owner of Hannes Hawaii Tours, and is crew, did a great job to tune that classic.

Some things aren’t rocket science but simply make it more convienant for spectators and participants.

Instead of a finisher shirt with a million sponsors that ends up as a bike cleaning rug there is a hoodie with zero sponsors that you actually can wear.

At the pasta party there is pasta plain and simple for an affordable price for your crew.

The swim course is a 750m straight swim to stretch the field before any turns.

The two transition zones are 5 min walking distance from each other. The weird battle of the sexes prize money distribution is still in place so Julia Gajer could win unchallengend to unveil that much.

To the race; weather was horrible 10 C and rain the worst possible, the Alpsee had 16,5, after a solid swim in a three guy group with Maurice Clavel and Martin Bader I jumped on the bike and performance was good in spite of my extremly cautious riding in the second lap I ran out of energy the cold took it’s toll, Dominik Berger took over at the end of the first lap risking a lot and Maurice stayed with him while Martin dropped back.

I thought that I’d lose a lot but in T2 I was only a minute down in spite of poor transition, which arent my best at good conditions but very really lousy in that cold.

I was able to chase down Dominik but faded dramatically again on the last five k while Maurice took a solid win. Sun came out as we were almost done and we were able to see the beauty it has to offer.