Faris Al-Sultan - Ironman World Champion Boulder I’m back

After my good experience last year I decided to go back to the triathlon mecca.

It’s hard to believe, but even more triathlon pro’s have gathered here since last year.

Conditions are beautiful as last time, I almost forgot how beautiful the landscape is, nice roads several pools to choose from and of course lots of athletes to train with.

The only bummer are the thunderstorms every afternoon that might spoil the afternoon ride or the outside dining experience.

We also stay with Pam and Warren again and enjoy being house- and dogsitter while they are gone to Canada.

Following Pam’s recommendation I went to see Todd Plymale-Mallory to take care of my old muscle and I’m pretty happy I did.

No wonder he is taking care of Siri Lindley’s athletes. He provides the deep tissue kind of massage, that I need to keep up functioning and obviously has a lot of experience with athletes and having been a cyclist himself he knows what you do

and what you need.

Let’s go training