Faris Al-Sultan - Ironman World Champion Citytriathlon Heilbronn - beating

You might know these days when you see the avalanche coming, but there is nothing you could do.

That was how I felt on Sunday in Heilbronn. After Lanzarote I deliberately let it go and my shape fell to pieces. I know I needed it to have a chance to push through till Kona but boy did I get a beating.

Swimming was still ok probably because that was the first discipline I worked on after the break. I  didn’t feel great, but didn’t have to kill myself to stay on Unger’s feet or more precise on Ospaly’s as I was in fourth position and Unger was doing the lead work.

After the 800m run through tranisition I was done. I felt it I saw it a small shower wetted the roads and us and I was in survival mode. First group was imediately gone then the second with Ronnie Schildknecht who rode like he was on a

motorbike and then the third group I couldn’t follow anyone and got 11 min on Ronnie on the bike. I ran solid, but slow to become 12th place and it was obvious again that talent is a good thing, but nothing without training.

My congrats to Ronnie who showed us how it’s done and to my friend Swen who has a good run and won Challenge Aarhus apparently the last Challenge in Denmark.