Faris Al-Sultan - Ironman World Champion Herzogenaurach - Xanten - Rügen

After my frosty painful rain in the Allgäu I went to Herzogenaurach to catch up with Swen and get some training done.

The weather played along this time and we got done what we intended to do a wet and hilly 10k race at the end in 34:05 was satisfying and I knew the legs should be ready.

 Hardly back in Munich we packed our bags to drive to Xanten to visit the in-laws and race the 30th edition of the Xanten Triathlon.

 I was able to win admittedly without pro competitors but performance was fine in spite of me loosing extra time in transition due to forgetting my race top and being forced to force myself into a wet long cycling jersey.

You got to keep the sponsor happy.

 But Xanten was just the first step on our around Germany tour the second stop was Rügen the famous vacation island in the very northeast of Germany.

In Binz was the start of the inaugural 70.3 while Xanten provided fairly nice weather, Rügen wasn’t so kind. Strong winds from the northeast made it quite obvious that we won’t swim and on race day the whole monthly dose of rain poured down on us. In addition to that the cobble stone section we had to ride through was so rough that the probably to securely tightend top cap came off ripping out the tightening

 I could continue the race but lost a lot of time and of course a lot of mental force.

So another sh... performance.

 Apart from the racing Binz is a really nice place to host a race and Rügen with its sights to see and many opportunities a good choice for a season closer.