Faris Al-Sultan - Ironman World Champion Ironman Hawaii 2013

Everybody probably knows the results but I didn’t want to miss out on a personal race report.

After getting up at 4:00 am and munching down a small breakfast we drove down from Waikoloa to Kona.

Some warmup, body marking and toilet visits later I found myself almost a bit lonely to the left of the most guys on the startline.

I know to an agegroupathlete it’s quite unbelivable that you ever have some space at an IM race .

The cannon went off and so did I, being not as fast as last year I was pretty soon at a position on the left side a little further back in the first group than where I’d like to be but still ok.

The speed was solid but nothing crazy I wasn’t fit enough to leave a mark but still comfortable enough not to fight for life to hang on.

Swim exit is always a bit hectic but everything went according to plan. I jumped on the bike and felt surprisingly well, usually I have a rather slow start and suffer pretty bad when my fellow athletes step on it right away but this time I was

immediately on. I took off to the front where Andrew Starykowicz was gone on a little solo ride while Pete was leading the big pack.

Heading out on Queen K we where about 20 guys, with a strong tailwind me and Pete lead the big pack till Kawaihai when a few others started to come forward the we started the quest to drop the weaker riders.

In the meantime Sebastian Kienle was with us. A couple of kilometers before Hawi the group tore apart. Andrew still in front, Luke McKenzie and Sebastian on the chase and then Frederik van Lierde, Tyler Butterfield, Dirk Bockel and me.

After Kawaihai Frederik went to the front while the rest of us was relatively close together I didn’t push as hard as I could, still pretty painful though, but was really convinced to have a solid run that i didn’t want to spoil.

T2 is always painful so are the first kilometers but this time it took me until the turningpoint on Alii till I felt like “normal” running.

I grit my teeth and knew that it wouldn’t be the splendid run I had hoped for but was still convinced to have a solid one. After grinding up on Palani I thought that the downhill section on Queen K should give me some momentum.

Instead of getting momentum I got the Hammer and quickly faded like a flower.

The speed turned from acceptable to jogging and after the energy lab, not that I don’t know that it hurts there having experienced it twelve times, I was stopping and the speed dropped to death march.

Being overtaken by Rana, Aernauts, Bracht, O’donnel, Cunnama didn’t exactly lift my spirits.

I decided to quit and look for a vehicle there was none, so I figured that until I found one and made it to the line I could also continue to run. Then Rene my athletic director at the Pewagteam told me that I’m still in 10th.

Considering the fact that 10th means you are on stage get paid and solid points made me fight for life to hang onto that spot and defending it to th line from Enneko Llanos.

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