Faris Al-Sultan - Ironman World Champion New chapter in my book

10/05/2017 - I never had the desire to be a merchant and negotiating wasn't my strong suit, although I enjoyed doing it myself throughout my career.

That being said, I wasn't really interested and pretty sceptical when my friend and former fellow triathlete Swen Sundberg, IM Japan Champ 2015, took on a new challenge and decided to become a distributor for "rawbite" a danish organic fruit&nut bar.

To increase the difficulties he wasn't going to deal with our home market Germany or closely related Austria or Switzerland but for the US.

In spite of not having a clue he managed to get rawbite going and approached me 2017 to become his partner.

I know me and organic health food sounds strange but I like nuts anyway and to be honest, I personally don't care that much about organic but I do about taste and they taste really good.

So if you have a chance get a "rawbite" and let me know how you liked it.