Faris Al-Sultan - Ironman World Champion DNF Ironman South Africa

Another bad day

After getting sick in January for the 70.3 South Africa and a disappointing race at Puerto Rico due to a hamstring issue.

Sh.. continues after a solid swim I pulled away fairly easy from the group and found myself in the lead but unfortunately after 40 km I hit a pothole and the seatpost came down.

I tried to ride as good as possible switching between standing and well “low sitting” till the tech van would come unfortunately in spite of my wild trials to get the attention of refs and other officals it took 35km till the mechanics met me.

While fixing the problem Ronnie Schildknecht had already overtaken me and in spite of sitting properly again and trying hard I couldn’t keep up and my backside began to hurt after 120km the group got me and my fighting spirit was gone.

I knew I could finish, which would have resulted in a sure Kona ticket but I don’t want to simply finish. So I saved myself to fight another day.

Congrats to Ronnie on an outstanding performance.